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Liquor Liability

Liquor liability is not just for bars or restaurants. In today's society, we have to be not only responsible for oursevles, but for others as well. If you own a liquor store, or a store that sells alcohol, then you may want to consider liquor liability.

I'm sure your saying to yourself, I'm not serving alcohol, so why would I be responsible if someone purchased an adult beverage from me?

There was a case that a lady hit a police officer and killed him. She was drunk. Her steps were retraced and the liquor store that she purchased her beverage from was named in a lawsuit. If you have the liquor liabilty, then you have coverage for that situation. Without the liquor liabiity, you would be solely responsible and would have to pay damages out of pocket. This could be very clostly and could very well cost you your business if the judgement was high enough.

As always, make sure you know what you are buying, ask questions, make sure your insurance agent is explaining coverage. Above all, make sure your agent will be there for you if there is a claim.

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