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Why do agents need so much info to quote an auto?

I came across an article from This really explains why you need to give so much information when you are requesting an auto quote. I know it's exhausting, and quite frankly as an insurance agent, I wish I didn't have to be so "nosy". But as a good agents, we want to make sure that we provide excellent service and the best prices we can to our customers,
I do want to say, I am able to quote without the VIN number, but it's easier if we have that information as the insurance companies have what they call symbol numbers associated to each vehicle. The symbol number is what the insurance company uses to determine the rates for that particular car. If you have the VIN number available it's best to read it off or include that information in your quote request. For example: If you have a 2010 Ford F150, We can enter that information into our system, but there maybe 25 different types of 2010 Ford F150. If we just choose one then our quotes maybe wrong once the VIN is entered.
Most people don't mid giving their date of birth, address, TDL and but one thing some people question is having to provide their social security number. Quotes received when using your social security number are more accurate as this will tell the insurance company your credit score, and your insurance score. Not all companies require to provide a social at the time of quoting, some companies do. If you choose to allow an agent to quote without the social then there is a risk that your premium may change when you are ready to purchase your policy. (unless the premiums go down, this conversation is never fun - for the agent or the customer) . When an insurance company uses your social security number to quote your insurance, this information is considered as a "soft hit". Meaning, the soft hit will not adversely affect your credit rating. Unlike, when you are trying to qualify for a credit card or purchase of a new car - these type credit checks are considered hard hits and can adversely affect your credit.
Your address is an important factor when quoting too. If you live in a large city, your premiums are going to be much higher than someone that lives in a rural community. The reason is, because the risk is higher. This means, if you live in Houston, you are more likely to get into an accident, have your car stolen, because Houston, TX is more populated than Zavalla, TX where there is not as much population and you are less likely to be hit, because there are less cars on the road. I have seen rates change even if someone stays in the same city, but changed zip codes. There may be a rate increase or a rate decrease in the new area - based on your insurance companies experience in that area.
I would encourage you to read this article as it really goes into depth. I honestly believe that Educated Consumers make the best clients!

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