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BACK TO SCHOOL / Living on Campus

Many of you have children starting college this year and they will be lving on campus. Your kids will be taking a lot of expensive stuff with them. Things like: laptops, IPhone, Ipads/tablets, TV's, furniture. According to if your child lives on campus your homeowners insurance would extend over to your child.

I caution you, to make totally sure by contacting your agent as companies have different coverage options.

One other thing to keep in mind is if your child moves to an apartment off campus your homeowners coverage WILL NOT extend and the student should purchase their own renters policy at that point.

If your child lives more than 100 miles away from home AND DOES NOT HAVE A CAR WITH THEM can create a discount on your auto policy as well.

If your student takes a car with them to college be sure to contact your agent with their garaging address. This can help or hurt your premium, but the insurance companies require full disclosure. Making sure your insurance company knows where the vehicle is being garaged prevents claims issues in the event of a loss.

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